Game Modes Only Survival Mode
Type of Items Wearable Items

Leather: 66 hits

Golden: 92 hits

Chain: 196 hits

Iron: 196 hits

Diamond: 430 hits

Luminosity No
Transparency No
Renewable No (currently)
Stackable No


Boots are part of Armor that covers player’s feet.



All types of Boots can be obtained by crafting it on a Workbench, except chain boots. Chain boots can be obtained only by drop from zombie that wear chain armor.


Boots placed in a feet slot in Armor menu will add points to player’s armor bar.

Boots doesn't protects form falling damage but doesn't reduces its durability in this cases.

Different Boot's armor points amount

Material Armor
Leather Armor half
Golden Armor half
Chain 1 Armor half
Iron Armor full
Diamond Armor fullArmor half

As a Crafting Recipe

Ingredients Result

5 0246 0032 leather Leather

0248 0031 leather boots Leather Boots

5 0212 0049 gold ingot Gold Ingot

1 0203 0053 gold boots Golden Boots

5 0232 0039 iron ingot Iron Ingot

1 0224 0043 iron boots Iron Boots

0188 0061 diamond ingot Diamond Ingot

0180 0065 diamond boots Diamond Boots

Updates History

Version Updates History

- Added new type of armor: Chain, also added chain boots


- Added new type of armor: Leather, also added leather boots


- Added 4 types of armor: Iron, Diamond, Golden, also added iron, golden, diamond boots