Hardened Clay
0157 0077 hardened clay
Game Modes Survival and Creative
Type of Block Solid Block
Tool Used

0301 0002 wood pickaxe Wooden Pickaxe(0.95s)

0283 0011 stone pickaxe Stone Pickaxe(0.5s)

0236 0037 iron pickaxe Iron Pickaxe (0.35s)

0215 0047 gold pickaxe Gold Pickaxe (0.2s)

0192 0059 diamond pickaxe Diamond Pickaxe (0.25s)

Luminosity No
Transparency No
Renewable No
Stackable Yes
Flammable No
Drops Itself


Hardened Clay is a block made from Clay Block .


Hardened Clay can be obtaind only with a pickaxe. If mined without a pickaxe, it drops nothing.

As a Smelting Recipe

1 Clay Block & Fuel → 1 Hardened Clay

Clay 2


Hardened clay has the same blast resistance as most other stone blocks, which is significantly higher than the block of clay before being smelted.

A block of hardened clay will protect any block behind it, when one meter away from an explosion. But this block will be destroyed in the process.

Updates History

Version Updates History

- Now you can smelt Clay Block in the Furnace to obtain Hardened Clay.