Game Modes Only Survival Mode
Type of Items Tools

Wood: 60 uses

Stone: 132 uses

Iron: 251 uses

Golden: 33 uses

Diamond: 1562 uses

Luminosity No
Transparency No
Renewable Yes
Stackable No


Hoes are type of tools used to prepare Dirt blocks for growing plants.


Hoe can be obtained by crafting it on a Workbench.


Hoes are used to till Dirt and Dirt with Grass into Farmland . Objective block can be tilled if player presses it while holding a Hoe.

Hoe can be used to destroy any object in game but loot will drops only from block that player able to obtain with bare hands.

As a Crafting Recipe

Ingredients Result

0117 0117 wood Wooden Planks +

0278 0014 stickSticks

0299 0003 wood hoe Wooden Hoe

0079 0155 cobbleCobblestone tone + 

0278 0014 stick Sticks

0281 0012 stone hoe Stone Hoe

0232 0039 iron ingot Iron Ingot +

0278 0014 stick Sticks

0230 0040 iron hoe Iron Hoe

0212 0049 gold ingot Gold Ingot +

20278 0014 stick Sticks

0210 0050 gold hoe Gold Hoe

0188 0061 diamond ingot Diamond Ingot +

0278 0014 stick Sticks

0186 0062 diamond hoe Diamond Hoe

Updates History

Version Updates History

- Added Crafting Recipe for 5 types of Hoes to Workbench.