Lava Bucket
0244 0033 lava bucket
Game Modes Only Survival Mode
Type of Items Tools


Luminosity Yes
Transparency No
Renewable No
Stackable No


Lava Bucket is an filled item with lava.  To fill an empty bucket with lava , click on the lava source with it. When you place Lava Bucket on a solid block it will became empty, and the lava will flow from the source block on solid place.

Lava Bucket is the most efficient fuel in the Furnace .

As a Crafting Recipe

3 0232 0039 iron ingot Iron Ingot → 1 0059 bucketEmpty Bucket

Crafting bucket

Crafting Empty Bucket

Updates History

Version Updates History

-  Now you can burn and die on lava, also you can kill mobs with Lava Bucket


-  Now you can get Lava with Empty Bucket from lava source.