0246 0032 leather
Game Modes Only Survival Mode
Type of Block Raw Materials
Obtaining Cows drop after death + Crafting
Luminosity No
Transparency No
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes (64)
Flammable No


Leather is a type of items that used as a raw material to craft Leather Armor . It is the weakest Armor in Survival Mode.


It can be obtained by killing Cows, which can drop Leather with probability of 33% upon death.

Also you can craft 1 Leather from 4 Rabbit Hides in the Workbench .

As a Crafting Recipe

4 Rabbit Hide → 1 Leather


As a Crafting Ingredient

Ingredients Result

5 0246 0032 leather Leather

0252 0029 leather helmetLeather Helmet

0246 0032 leather Leather

1 0250 0030 leather chest plateLeather Chestplate

0246 0032 leather Leather

1 0254 0028 leather legginsLeather Leggings

0246 0032 leather Leather

1 0248 0031 leather bootsLeather Boots

Updates History

Version Updates History

- Added Leather, that can be obtained after killing Cows, and by crafting it in the Workbench from Rabbit Hide. You can use Leather to craft Leather Armor.

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