This is my story and what I found out about Planet of Cubes.

 I know minecraft well, I've been playing minecraft pocket edition on my phone for a year.But I had to play alone in every world because there were no other servers and other players.That's why I downloaded Planet of Cubes on my phone a week ago.  

When I was spawned in the spawn zone, I liked the texture of the game.Then I left the spawn zone to collect my own resources and build a building.The beginning was hard, I was immediately attacked by the zombies and the spiders, but when I had crafted a few tools and built a small place, it became easier.Afterwards, I was able to explore the world and collect building materials.  

I got hungry from the many walking around, so I removed the leaves from the trees to get apples and I slaughtered animals to get meat.Whenever I've slaughtered an animal, however, it has dropped only a small amount of meat.And when I have removed the leaves from the tree, almost no apples have fallen out.  

But when I ran about 1000 meters, I came into an area where the animals have given a lot of meat and the leaves very many apples.And because I could always find enough food in this area, I built my house in this area. Afterwards I wanted to find out why I could get so much food in this area, so I looked around.I came to a hill with many abandoned ruins, perhaps houses built by other players before.Between the ruins stood a wall, which consisted of wooden blocks and was about two meters high.I wanted to know what was behind the wall, so I went behind her.There I saw a striking building, which was very different from the others.It looked like a geometric pyramid consisting of fine, white blocks.It stood on a base of black stone and on the pyramid was a tip of deep blue blocks.I thought that makes the building I can get so much food in the area because it looked so weird.  

However, whenever I have injured or killed another player, I have received less food.So I stayed in the area because I could live well there. In Minecraft there is a beacon, if you put it on a pyramid you get effects.And I think when you put this blue block on a pyramid in Planet of Cubes, you get the effect of luck. I was able to find more food in this area because the pyramid has made it more likely that the animals have spawned more meat and the leaves more apples.  

Hopefully you can understand what I wrote, because I can not write so well in English, I used the Google translator with.I am looking forward to comments, if someone wants to know the coordinates of the pyramid. 


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