Redstone Ore
0106 0128 redstone ore
Game Modes Survival and Creative
Type of Block Ore Block
Tool used

0236 0037 iron pickaxe Iron Pickaxe (0.75s)

0192 0059 diamond pickaxe Diamond Pickaxe (0.6s)

Luminosity No
Transparency No
Renewable No
Stackable Yes
Flammable No
Drops Redstone DustRedstone Dust


Redstone Ore is one of the rare ores, from which Redstone Dust can be obtained.


Redstone Ore located deep underground, almost near bedrock. It can be mined only with Iron or Diamond Pickaxes. Mining with other tools will drop nothing. 

Redstone ore


In the current game version you can use Redstone Ore only to get Redstone Dust.

Updates History

Version Updates History
v3.0 - Now you can mine Redstone Ore with Iron or Diamond Pickaxes and it will drop Redstone Dust.
v3.0 - Added Redstone Ore to the map. But when you mine Redstone Ore with any tool, it drops nothing.