Rotten Flesh
0269 0019 rotten flesh
Game Modes Only Survival Mode
Type of Items Food

4 Eat 2Eat 2 Hunger Points


Status icon button hunger80% chance of Hunger (0:30)

Cookable No
Renewable No
Stackable No


Rotten Flesh is a type of food, dropped by Zombies . It restores 4 Hunger Points or 2 units of Hunger Bar. It has an 80% chance of causing food poisoning.

You will notice floating light green bubbles around you, when you are poisoned. Wait 30 seconds to cure your poisoning or use a Bucket with Milk to reduce poisoning.

Rotten Flesh cannot be cooked and is not used in any crafting recipes.


Updates History

Version Updates History

- Now Rotten Flesh can cause the poisoning effect


- Added Rotten Flesh that can be dropped from Zombies after death

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