0014 sapling oak


Game Modes Survival 
Type of Block Natural Block
Tool Used

Any Tool 

Luminosity No
Transparency Yes
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes
Flammable No

0014 sapling oak Oak Saplings


Saplings are natural blocks, that can be used to grow trees. 

Now you can obtain only Oak Saplings by breaking any type of leaves.


Destroyed Leaves , of any of the four types, will drop Oak Saplings with probability of 5%, when you break leaves with any tool except Shears

Saplings obtaining


Saplings can be used to grow trees on the Farmland. In the current game version you can only grow Oak Trees from Oak Saplings.

Oak Saplings can be placed on Dirt , Dirt with Grass or Farmland blocks to be grown into trees.

Oak Saplings are to be grown into trees required such conditions: 1 - Light level at 9 2 - Free space around the sapling about 5 blocks above

Oak Saplings have two growth stages before growing into trees. When tree is to be grown, a height is chosen and then the ground and space are checked; if the ground is bad or there is not space for the chosen height, the tree will not grow. Oak saplings will grow through dirt, replacing it with wood trunks.


Tree Farming

Tree Farming

Updates History

Version Updates History

- Now you can grow trees on the Farmland from Saplings


- Leaves can drop oak saplings with probability of 5%, when you break them with any tool except shears.