0011 snowball
Game Modes Survival
Type of Block Natural Block
Tool Used Any Tool, but Shovel is the fastest
Luminosity No
Transparency No
Renewable No
Stackable Yes (16)
Flammable No


Snowball is a thrawable item. Use it to craft Snow Block.

You can throw Snowball from your inventory, but it will freeze in the air and will not give any damage to mobs in v3.1.


Snowball can be obtained with any type of shovel or any other tool by breaking Snow Block or Snow Layer . It will drop 2-9 snowballs.

Snow 1

Snow 4


Snowball can be thrown and damage mobs. Also can be used to craft Snow Block.

As a Crafting Ingredient

4 Snowballs → 1 Snow Block

Snow block

Updates History

Version Updates History
v3.2 - Now snowball can be thrown and damage mobs

- Now you can break Snow Block and Snow Layer with any type of shovel or with any other tool, except empty hands, and it will drop Snowball. 

- Added crafting recipes: now you can get 1 Snow Block from 4 Snowballs.