Spawn Zone is an area in which all the players appear in the game.

About Spawn Zone

Spawn Zone is an area in which all the players appear in the game. On this area no one can build or dig. To determine the spawn area in the game, the player have to look on the TTL indicator, if it shows 0h:0m and the game HUD is red, it means that the player is inside the Spawn Zone.


The size of Spawn Zone for one player is minimum four chunks, but Spawn Zone can be enlarged automatically depending on the amount of players online. At the same time, Spawn Zone can be changed by the server administrator.


TIP: To build something be sure to leave the Spawn Zone (TTL indicator is not 0h:0m). Put any block to the Planet and you will receive a message, choose a "Direction" button, follow an arrow. It will lead you to free territory, where you can build! The farther the player from the Spawn Zone, the longer his changes will be saved. 

01 sp

02 sp

List of Spawn Zones

There are 9 Spawn Zones in the game, localized by languages.

0:0 (Ancient City) : English en, Others languages zz

351:-36 (Imperial City) : Spanish es    

14:74 (Moscowgrad) : Russian ru, Belarusian be, Kazakh kk

184:38 (Avatar) : Portuguese pt

-223:-83 (Comfort) : Thai th

-99:-51 (Mattupolis) : Korean ko, Japanese ja, Thai zh

-212:68 (Dubai) : Turkish tr

-82:62 (Deutschland) : German de

-95:445 (FunCity) : Polish pl

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