0006 sugar
Game Modes Only Survival Mode
Type of Items Food


Cookable No
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes


Sugar is a food ingredient used to cook pumpkin pie etc. and used as brewing ingredient. 


Sugar can be obtained by crafting it in the Workbench from Sugar Canes .

As a Crafting Recipe

1 Sugar Canes  → 1 Sugar

Sugar canes ci


Sugar cannot be cooked. You can use sugar as an ingredient to craft Pumpkin Pie, Fermented Spider Eye. 

As a Crafting Ingredient

Ingredients Result
1 0156 0078 pumpkinPumpkin + 1 0006 sugarSugar + 1 0198 0056 eggEgg 1 0023 pumpkin piePumpkin Pie
1 0010 spider eyeSpider Eye + 1 0006 sugarSugar + 1 0202 0054 brown mushroomBrown Mushroom 1 0009 spider eye fermentedFermented Spider Eye


Ingredients Potions

0006 sugarSugar  +

0003 waterWater Bottle +

0067 blaze powder Blaze Powder

0003 waterMundate Potion

0006 sugarSugar +

0003 waterAwkward Potion  + 

0067 blaze powder Blaze Powder

0005 swiftnessPotion of Swiftness

Updates History

Version Updates History

- Now you can craft Fermented Spider Eye using Sugar, Brown Mushroom, Spider Eye

- Now you can use sugar in brewing


- Now you can craft Pumpkin Pie using Sugar, Pumpkin, Egg


- Added Sugar

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