0116 0118 water
Game Modes Survival and Creative
Type of Block Liquids
Tool Used 0059 bucketEmpty Bucket
Luminosity No
Transparency Partial
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes
Flammable No
Drops Itself


Water is liquid block that forms seas, lakes and other water formation in World.


Randomly generated river


Water cannot be obtained as block but can be collected with an Empty Bucket  used on a full Cauldron or source block of Water.

Water Bucket can be used on any block and Water will place on this block spreading around.

In current version of the game Water can be obtained only from Water source block which have no flowing animation unlike other Water block.

Deleting the Water source block will entail disappearance of all Water spread from this source.

This action will empty the Bucket. Water slows player movement and mining speed. Also in the newest update, thanks to the liquid physics, you can make an infinite water source which is a 2×1×2 space filled with water source blocks, and if you use a bucket, on the water, a new water source block will appear in it's place.


Water collected with Empty Bucket  and Water Bucket can be used to create a Water source.

Spreading Water behavior will wash out Torches, Flowers and Snow.

Water behavior

Water source placed on a horizontal space will spreads on a 7 blocks distance in all directions.


Water spreading on horizontal space.

If there is deepening in 7 blocks radius Water will head this way ignoring other directions.


Water heading the deepening.

Flowing Water block will become water source if it placed on solid or Water source block and borders at least 2 other water sources blocks.

Flowing Water can search for drains on 5 blocks distance.


Flowing Water found drain.

Water will choose nearest drain if there are more than 1.


Flowing Water chooses nearest drain.

Water can turns the corner in searching for drains or even multiple corners if its in 5 blocks radius.


Water turns a corner to reach the drain.

Water and Lava

If you place Lava Bucket on the top of still or running water , it creates stone .

You can obtain an Obsidian, if you put Lava on Water. And Cobblestone , if you put Water on Lava.

As a Crafting Recipe

Water can be obtained using a Bucket crafted on a Workbench.

3 0091 0143 iron block Block of Iron  → 1 0059 bucket Empty Bucket

Crafting bucket

Crafting Empty Bucket

Cauldron can be crafted on a Workbench and used as water source block.

Crafting cauldron

Crafting Cauldron


Flowing Water Tips & Tricks03:27

Flowing Water Tips & Tricks

Updates History

Version Updates History

- Player can drown in water


- Added Flowing Water that can be obtained by using Empty Bucket on water source or cauldron.

- You can obtain an Obsidian, if you put Lava on Water. And Cobblestone, if you put Water on Lava.

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